Mete Korkut GULMEN was born at Adana - Turkiye in 1957. He had been an International - Intercultural Scholar to United States during High School years and had graduated from Mission Viejo High School, CA / USA in 1975. He had graduated from Medical School and worked as general practioner for two years. He had performed his Anatomo - Pathology licensure education at Cukurova University and served for the Turkish Military at the Gulhane Military Medical Academy of the Anatomo - Surgical Pathology department as consultant pathologist as well as lecturer. He later on started to work at the Forensic Medicine Department of the School of Medicine. He had his doctorate degree on Forensic Medicine and Forensic Pathology at the Health Sciences Instute of Cukurova Universtiy. He had worked as a fellow in the summer of 1995 at the Department of Forensic Medicine of Dundee University, Scotland.

Dr. Gulmen became full Professor of the field on 2005. He had been working as the chief forensic pathologist of the Cukurova University as well as the Morgue Department of the Adana branch of The Legal Medicine Council. He also had been working as a lecturer and researcher of the Cukurova University since 1992. He keeps teaching Forensic Medicine and Forensic Pathology to the fifth year Medical School students. He had been on the Editorial Board of The Council of Forensic Medicine Journal of Forensic Medicine, Turkish Clinics (Turkiye Klinikleri) Journal of Forensic Medicine, Bulletin of Legal Medicine. He also been on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Cukurova Medical School since 1999 and Post Graduate Medical Journal of the British Medical Association since 2004. He had worked as the committee member of the post graduate education of the School of Medicine, Cukurova University from 1999 till 2003. He also worked as a board member of the Cukurova University Health Sciences Instute from 1998 - till 2004.

He is a member of Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Forensic Medicine Specialists, Turkish Pathology Federation and Etchic Committee of the Pathology Federation, Turkish Cancer Research Association, Cukurova Pathology Association.

He is one of the founders and presidents of the Adana Development Alliance Foundation and Adana Swimming - Diving Sports Club which had builted an educational village in Adana, he is also Member of the Turkish Cultural Foundation and AFS Volunteers Association. He is the one of the Presidents of The Turkish National Forensic Medicine Specialists Association and also the Chairperson of the Board of the Forensic Medicine Specialists.

He was the 2007 - 2009 President of The Mediterranean Academy of Forensic Sciences (MAFS), had organized the MAFS 2009 Congress at Antalya - Turkiye. He was the Congress President of the IALM 2012 and had organized the last, 22nd IALM Meeting in 2012 at Istanbul - Turkiye.
He had organized the International Sexual Violence Investigation Symposium in Adana, Turkey, in May 2015. He also hosted the Justice Rapid Response Course in Adana, Turkey, in April 2015.
He is the Board Member of the MAFS at the moment. He is the President of the Eurasian Academy of Forensic Medicine and Sciences(EAFMS).
Prof. Dr. Gulmen has numerous studies published in various journals of the world and organized several symposias and congresses. He also had participated in numerous conferences, panels, lectures, TV and radio programs as well as many workshops.
He is also founding and member of several foundations and associations. He is serving as a volunteer for AFS International / Intercultural Scholarship programs on behalf of Turkish Cultural Foundation as well as International AFS.
He is a member of Turkish Medical Association and founding member of the Forensic Medicine Specialists Association, and past president of the Forensic Medicine Specialists Board. He also is a member of the European Cardiovascular Pathology Association and also the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.
He has many studies of various fields of Forensic Sciences, especially in Forensic Pathology as Sudden Deaths and Cardiac Pathologies as well as Childhood Abuses and Neglects and Violence Against Women in particular.
He has been working as full Professor and the Chairperson of The Forensic Medicine & Forensic Pathology Department since 2005.
He had been holding the Forensic Pathology section chair for the last 18 years.
He is happily married for 29 years and has a daughter and a son aged respectively 28 and 24.