Ahmad Samarji Biography

Dr. Ahmad Samarji is currently an academic at Phoenicia University, Lebanon and an adjunct fellow of Victoria University, Australia. His PhD thesis has been cited as the first worldwide dissertation on forensic science education. His diverse expertise and interests in education includes: maths education, science education, STEM education, forensic science education, forensic medical education, ICT in education (ICTE), and internationalisation of the curriculum.

In his ongoing research and continuous inquiry into forensic science education, Dr. Samarji pays particular attention towards generating understandings around the ontology and epistemology of forensic science and employing such understandings in shaping effective curricular and pedagogical approaches for the teaching and learning of forensic science and forensic medicine. Dr. Samarji also pays particular attention towards promoting generic skills in forensic science practice particularly critical thinking, communication skills (including ICT), problem solving, and lifelong learning. In a global and digital world, Dr. Samarji works on approaching forensic education and training from both an internationalised and digital lens.

Dr. Samarji has served as the Vice President of the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) and the Journal Committee Convenor for Prime Number,Vinculum, and Common Denominator in the period: Sep. 2011- Mar. 2015. He is currently a board member of a number of international organisations in the area of forensic science and forensic medicine and the area of technology in education.